Minnesota State Arts Board                                                 Sculpture


International Telephone and Telegraph                             Wall Mural  


Town & Country Realty                                                         Sculpture


Northwest Bank Building – Davenport, IA                         Relief Sculpture


Farm Credit Services – St. Paul, MN                                   Relief Sculpture


Davenport Civic Center – Davenport, IA                           Furniture

Lowery Medical Arts Building – St. Paul, MN                    Furniture, Sculpture


Independent Banks of Minnesota – Minneapolis, MN    Relief Sculpture


Black Duck Wild Rice Company – St Paul, MN                 Sculpture


Federal Land Bank – St. Paul, MN                                     Wall Mural


Trout Lake Custom Motorcycle – Grand Rapids, MN      Furniture, Sculpture


Peter McKenzie – Northome – MN                                   Furniture, Sculpture




 ITT Corporation

Stephen Nachtsheim

Brian J. Valento

William Tilton

Richard McIntyre AIA

Michael Goodwin AIA

Jay Webert

Rainy River Community College

William Kneeshaw

Federal Land Bank

White Eagle Corporation

James & Denise Martin

Peter McKenzie

Independent Banks of Minnesota

Farm Credit Services

Minneapolis Veterans Hospital

City of Davenport, Iowa

VFW Post 3869

Les Beach

Joseph & Jean Hartle

Tovio Kannanan

Wanda Violet


Like many artists, over the years one loses track of all the people who buy your work or the companies that commission pieces. The same is true for exhibits. I have shown my work in exhibits almost every year since 1972, and some shows are in small art galleries or group shows put together by artist friends, while others are in museums, universities, or cultural centers. Some of my commissioned pieces have taken more than a year to complete, and taking time off to do an art show is not possible.

As a young artist starting out, it is fun to see your work up on the wall with other more experienced artists, but after several years you learn that the time, effort, and expense you put into these exhibits really are just a distraction from creating art.

Today, I limit my showing to Invitational Art Shows. Now I feel better making my works than showing them. Maybe it is age or just experience that tells me that the enjoyment I get out of finishing a work is much more than seeing it up on public display. 

Here are some of the exhibits from over the years. A complete list could be put together upon request:


1972  West Lake Gallery – Minneapolis, MN

Good Medicine Show – Minneapolis, MN

By Land and By Sea – Lake Minnetonka, MN

1974  Crafts ’74, Phoenix Art Museum – Arizona Outlook ’74, Tucson Art Center

Fibers’74, 3rd Juried Arizona Textile Exhibition

1975  Arizona State University, Annual Competitive Exhibition

1976  Rainy River Community College – International Falls, MN

1979   Arrowhead Regional Invitational – Duluth, MN

1980  “Crafts ‘80” – Rochester, MN

1981   Grand Avenue Gallery – Saint Paul, MN

1982   A Singular Place – Santa Monica, CA

Grand Avenue Gallery – Saint Paul, MN

1983   Grand Avenue Gallery – Saint Paul, MN

Moline Art Gallery – Moline, IL

1984   Big Fork River Experimental Workshop –  Littlefork, MN

1986  Disabled Marine Invitational Art Show – Phoenix, AZ

Disabled Veterans Art Show – Washington, DC

1988  Foot In the Door, Minneapolis Institute of Arts –  Minneapolis, MN

1994  Casa Grande Arts Center Invitational – Casa Grande, AZ

1995  Grand Avenue Gallery – Saint Paul, MN

1996  13,588 Installation – Saint Paul, MN

1997  Johnston Gallery – Fort Francis, Ontario, Canada

Vietnam Vet Marine Invitational Art Exhibit –  Chicago, IL

2000  Les Beach Gallery – Grand Rapids, MN

2001  Thompson Run Gallery – Red Rock, AZ

2002  Marine Corps Veteran Invitational Art Exhibit – Denver CO

2005  MacRostie Art Center 2005 Invitational – Grand Rapids, MN

MacRostie Art Center “30 Artists – 30 Writers” – Grand Rapids, MN

2007  Lemoyne Center for the Visual Arts “Love Your Mother Show” – Tallahassee, FL

National Juried Art Exhibit  621 Gallery – Tallahassee, FL

2008  LeMoyne Center For the Visual Arts – Tallahassee, FL

Gadsden Arts Center – Quincy, FL

Depot Agents Gallery – Tallahassee, FL

2009  LeMoyne Center For the Visual Arts – Tallahassee, FL

Depot Agents Gallery – Tallahassee, FL

2010  Dusty Miller Avenue Art Gallery – Madison, FL